Warc Briefing: In-game Branding

Definition: In-game branding is the practice of using gaming as a vehicle for brand messages. The term encompasses running graphic and video display ads within third-party games as well as creating branded games.

Quick facts

  • UK consumers spent more on games than music and video combined for the first time in 2008i.
  • The average ratings of Korea’s dedicated TV gaming channel exceed those for baseball, football and basketballii.
  • Global in-game adspend is forecast to hit $1.8bn in 2010 – an increase from $56m in 2005iii.

History and future outlook

With a user base skewing towards the prized demographic of relatively young, relatively affluent males, it's no surprise that games have attracted marketers.

Marketing activity has made inroads into all types of gaming, from blockbuster home console games to smaller scale website and mobile applications.