3 Screen Measurement: Soccer World Cup 2010 – Redefining “Multi-Modal” Research to Understand Audience Engagement

Karen Benezra

Sean Conry

Samantha Singh


The 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa galvanized attention and audiences worldwide. As the globe's #1 sporting event, World Cup soccer thrives on athletic prowess, compelling stories of players and teams, national pride and unexpected moments. The quest for the golden trophy is more than games played. The event bridges nations, languages, cultures and passions.

Researchers analyze scores of sporting events across the globe. They prepare impact assessment reports that inform the local decisions of host countries, global broadcasters and sponsors. What does it take to move beyond informing, to improve the decision-making process? With rights fees to global events ever-escalating, broadcasters and sponsors are becoming more cautious with expenditures and seeking better information to gauge return on investment. Simply assessing the economic impact of a global event is no longer adequate.