Lloyds Pharmacy: Putting our heart into keeping yours healthy


The team

Keith Wintle, Helen Lucas, Lucy Barter, Rachel Hemmings, Alexandra Straube, David Burrows, Karen le Gallez, Alex Beaumont, Annette Whalley, Claire Connolly, Diane Prescott.

Other contributors:

Carat – Media Planning, Vizeum – Media Planning, KEP – Print.

How did the campaign make a difference?

Most people don't worry about heart health but about related issues like smoking, weight and blood pressure management. The 'new news' that addressing these could be good for your heart gave fresh relevance to old messages, increasing awareness and inspiring thousands to take action on their heart health.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

This was a properly thought through, imaginative, integrated campaign, which included preparing colleagues for action, with presentations, direct mail from the MD to every pharmacy, a bespoke campaign guide and a countdown on Lloyds intranet. The next phase was building awareness to drive footfall, with national TV promoting free blood pressure checks, a strong focus on brand messages, while press targeted key audiences with stop smoking and other heart-health messages. Next was imaginative and effective integrated PR that included a survey on attitudes to heart health that was picked up in national press. The campaign featured in specialist websites and magazines, with a heart health calculator that was used in digital and social media. Targeted direct mail followed to customers with potential heart conditions and those who had previously discussed weight management, smoking cessation or had had a blood pressure test, with tailored offers. Finally there were online information and assets to advise and tailor offers and advice. Point of sale customer reminders were backed up with a staff competition to achieve various customer actions.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?