Xbox – Halo 4: An Ancient Evil Awakens

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Business situation

Halo 3 had been one of the biggest video games of the 2000s. Not only was Halo 3 the top selling game on Xbox in 2007, but it had gone on to sell 11.73M copies globally over its lifetime – earning it the accolade of being the fifth best selling Xbox game of all time. The game has the distinction of receiving a 93% rating on Metacritic and is recognized as besting Spiderman 3 and Harry Potter in 2007 to break the record for the highest grossing entertainment property in 24-hour sales.(Source: VG Chartz, Metacritic, Xbox)

Problem was, all of that was five years ago.

Since 2007 our competition in the first person shooter category had dramatically upped their game, most notably the Call of Duty franchise. In the five years following the launch of Halo 3, the Call of Duty franchise sold a stunning 97.4 Million games worldwide. Meanwhile, the Halo franchise launched two Halo games that diverged from the central storyline of Halo 3, and had sold just 23.4 Million over the same five-year period. Halo had lost first person shooter fans in such volume that by the dawn of 2012 the franchise was being perceived as "stale" by fans and casual gamers alike in polls and rankings everywhere. Most telling, in a benchmark survey of 40,000 gamers conducted annually by, Halo 4 ranked tenth in anticipation behind virtually every competitor in the first person shooter category including Call of Duty.(Source: VG Chartz, Xbox Research Chelan Research Report 120911, Halo Franchise Equity (US, UK, FR) July 2008, Halo3 Gamers_0907_1107_kimest)