Zapruder's Other Films – The Gruen Transfer

Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys


Early in 2008 nobody had ever heard of The Gruen Transfer! Now it is one of the ABC's greatest success stories. On day one it attracted an audience of 1.3 million viewers, the most ever for an entertainment debut on the ABC.

With a total budget of just $30,000, an ABC audience with strong views on advertising and fierce competition from the commercial networks, the Producers, Zapruder's Other Films and the Agency were challenged to think outside the square and deliver the impossible, 900,000 viewers, day one.

This story demonstrates the value of original thinking and the power of the single bold stroke in advertising.

It was provocative thinking that outraged our audience and stirred up a storm of interest in The Gruen Transfer' for its launch. The same thinking has helped build an audience with a value of $4 million per episode and return on investment of $133 for each dollar spent, guaranteed the second series and helped Zapruder's Other Films take the concept global.