The future of shopper marketing: The future is Omni-channel

Rachelle Headland
Saatchi & Saatchi X

Omni-channel shopping is where reason and emotion meet. Retailers today need to determine how the different sales channels co-exist so they meet shoppers' needs and behaviours.

If I was to be controversial, I'd say there's no such thing as Omni channel, there are only shoppers and the understanding of their emotional behaviour and practical needs. However, the biggest obstacles to ensuring a seamless brand experience for shoppers are infrastructural in nature. Retailers are generally set up to deal with the physical environment – goods in and goods out – so broadening the remit to include the non-physical (electronic) ecosystem can be a challenge.

Shoppers have already adapted to the new world of shopping. Women in particular, and the largest proportion of shoppers, now combine the power of social networking, digital deal-hunting, showrooming and ordering services to shop 24/7 with incredible speed and agility. So, business needs to adapt to a new human world.