Research into industry and advertising - A UK hotels example

David Gilbert


This article provides a case study approach to the understanding of both an industry and its advertising. The author provides a research flow model and the resultant research findings from the UK hotel industry. The article also provides information on the current position of the UK hotel industry. Primary research in the independent sector indicates a low level of awareness or usage of advertising whereas a survey of the advertising for the larger groups portrays greater sophistication in the application of promotion to particular segments and types of products.


The examination of advertising carried out by large industries requires a structured approach in the objective measurement and consideration of pertinent criteria. The hotel industry provides a good case example of a traditional service and sales-based product, sold on a large scale. The research approach described in this article can be applied to European hotels or similar industries in order to assess types and levels of advertising. The research was carried out based upon the author's research design (Figure 1). The model allows for 1 to n different types.