Nike Grid: Rebooting running for a disengaged generation

How planning reclaimed phoneboxes from hookers

Graeme Douglas
Wieden + Kennedy


This is the story of Nike GRID, a planning-driven idea built to ignite a passion in running amongst young people on London.

Drawing on influence from interaction design, game design, behavioural economics and urban planning, GRID was an experience that generated an unparalleled level of player immersion and depth of experience, whilst remaining true to Nike's 'classic' POV on running.

It's also about people racing like lunatics between phone boxes.

This paper covers GRID 1 and 2.

GRID 1 ran for 24hrs in April '10 (and can be be viewed as our beta) and
GRID 2 ran for 2 weeks in October '10.

Although W+K have authored this paper, the project covered was a joint-effort with Mindshare and AKQA.