Havana Club: Mint Revolution

Client Company Name:Pernod Ricard
Brand Name: Havana Club
Agency: The Lounge Group
Category: Event Marketing
Country: UK
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: €50,000 to €100,000


Cocktail consumption is key for spirits and the Mojito is the most famous of the rum based cocktails. However, although the Mojito is an increasingly popular cocktail, most people are unsure of the key ingredients, its origins or how to make it. This means there's no real connection with an alcohol brand (or even the type of spirit used) when ordering a Mojito. Havana Club's biggest competitor, Bacardi, answered this problem by creating a pre-mixed, bottled Mojito, supported by a large (and costly) global campaign. As a premium, authentic Cuban rum, such a response would not be on-brand for Havana Club. And as Havana Club couldn't compete with Bacardi in terms of budget, we were tasked with gaining brand recognition in a different way.