Guinness does great ads. It pretty much always has. In the 1920s, Rupert Guinness, a descendant of the founder, was reluctant when his staff asked if they could place an ad. When he was finally convinced, he was very clear: "The quality of our advertising must be equal to the quality of the beer."

Few companies have their brand so baked in. And, according to David Edwards, Strategy Partner at AMV BBDO, speaking at WARC's Lessons from the world's best campaigns event, people frequently assume "it must be quite easy to work on Guinness" with its century-long heritage of great advertising.

The 'Good things come to those who wait' idea, Edwards said, "led to some of the best advertising the country's ever seen; it's still in the public consciousness." In fact, it is one of the reasons that people still expect to wait 119.5 seconds for their pint of Guinness at the pub, and why a round of Guinnesses continues to strike fear into the hearts of barmen on a Friday night. But the ad turned that negative, the waiting, into a virtue. The time, Edwards said, became a quality proposition.