OfficeMax Inc.: What's Your Thing? campaign

Ed Dinger


OfficeMax Inc., the third largest chain in the office supplies superstore category, faced the difficult task of differentiating itself from larger rivals Staples, Inc., and Office Depot, Inc. In late 2003 OfficeMax and its new advertising agency, DDB Chicago, launched the "What's Your Thing?" campaign to help mold a distinct image.

The campaign was mostly driven by television spots. One of the three spots in the initial phase featured an Afro-sporting African-American, the Rubberband Man, who delivered supplies from a souped-up pushcart to his office colleagues while dancing to the Spinners' 1970s hit song "The Rubberband Man." The character became a hit with consumers and led to a back-to-school television spot, as well as a commercial that parodied a vintage stop-motion holiday special. More Rubberband Man spots followed in 2005.