How Kids Use Radio. The Disney Experience

Thomas C.N Evans
ABC Radio Networks
United States


'While there are attempts to reach children with radio, there are no data to suggest that it has become a truly relevant medium.' (Stipp, 1993)

Those data now exist. To support the rollout of a new national radio format, a comprehensive research effort 'WW' launched by ABC Radio Networks capped by a three-month survey in 1997 (January to March) to measure childrens total radio listening, audiences to Radio Disney, and audiences to other radio formats. Since then, ABC Radio Networks have made a significant financial commitment to support research projects designed to help create appealing and relevant programming and to evaluate and report childrens radio listening.

This paper will review the findings from that research covering childrens radio listening in general and listening to one childrens format in particular. A brief description of a special niche-oriented programming, which was based on research, also will be provided.