Transport Accident Commission (TAC): Young men pledge a Blood Oath for their mates


Agency: Grey, Melbourne
Brand: Transport Accident Commission (TAC), the government body responsible for the promotion of road safety education in Victoria
Market: Australia

Executive summary

In 2011 the TAC launched Blood Oath, a unique brand experience and promotion aimed at young male drivers in Victoria.

The key objective was to make young men rethink their attitudes towards road safety and contribute to a reduction in the road toll.

The campaign encouraged young men to look out for their mates when driving by combining their passion for AFL football with the spirit of mateship. It started with a colloquial Australian expression and led to the idea of asking them to swear an oath of safety; a Blood Oath.

Led by twin AFL coaches, thousands made a pledge on Facebook to take personal responsibility for their mate's safety behind the wheel. It was activated in two AFL games watched by 80,000 fans and lived in local football clubs who earned cash rewards by sharing the message.