Feel Nothing, Do Nothing: Unlocking the emotional secret of online spending

Joost Vastenavondt and Koen de Vos
MasterCard Europe
Tom Ewing and Orlando Wood
BrainJuicer Group


The Internet is the most measurable medium in research history. Everything anyone does on it can be measured, stored and analysed.

When you buy something online or on your phone, for instance, your purchase can be analysed on many levels:

  • When you bought it.
  • How you bought it (which payment method, for instance).
  • Where you were.
  • How much you paid.
  • What else you looked at before and after buying.
  • What else you've bought from that site.
  • Your purchase history across all online or offline transactions.
  • How you researched the purchase.
  • What else you did online in the run up to the purchase.
  • Whether you were exposed to any ads or other marketing online.
  • Whether you talked about buying it on social media.
  • Whether any of your friends have bought it.
  • What other people who buy it also buy or do.