Twelve Big Ideas - Burlington Railroad Wheels Campaign

Jermone Birn

This big idea started back in 1965.

We were invited to solicit the Burlington account.

We had a couple of days before the presentation, so we decided to bone up to try to get some understanding of the railroad business. We didn't expect to be experts in a couple of days. But on the other hand, we didn't want to come off stupid, either.

The meeting was quite informal. It was easy, loose, comfortable. For the most part, we talked about the railroad business. We did a lot of listening. Occasionally, we dropped in some of our newly acquired knowledge.

After the meeting, we felt pretty good because we thought the session had gone well. We were pleased we had done our homework. We were certain we hadn't come off too naive. So we waited and crossed our fingers.

A couple of days later, the phone rang ... and we were in the railroad business.