10 ways to start a movement

Bridget Angear

Finding a good cause around which to rally people can spread your message far beyond paid media as supporters spread the word for you, says Bridget Angear

We are constantly being told we live in a 'me' society, with everyone out for themselves. Yet, in all of us, there remains a human instinct to band together to achieve things which are only possible by a collective.

This is what we mean by a movement. It is more than just mass participation. It is something that takes on a momentum of its own – a cause that people take on for you, in which communications move from push to pull.

Movements should be highly attractive to brands because, if you get it right, they are so powerful that people become your media and do the work for you, amplifying your message far beyond anything possible using 'paid-for' media alone.

So, what are the elements that make up successful movements? This article identifies 10 elements that comprise successful movements and can be used as a toolkit for creating a movement. Not all successful movements will have all these elements and not all movements with all these elements will be successful, but hopefully they provide food for thought for those wishing to create one.