Measuring and Managing the 'Mayo Clinic' Brand for Success in the 21st Century

Lindsay Dingle
Kent Seltman
Mayo Clinic


'Mayo Clinic' is a legacy brand that developed without benefit of the marketing discipline. Even the name, 'Mayo Clinic' was more given by the public than selected by its founders, two brothers who were remarkable surgeons with a vision of surrounding themselves with an array of physicians who were themselves outstanding practitioners of the other disciplines of medicine. Thus, William James Mayo and Charles Horace Mayo largely invented the concept of the Multi-Specialty Clinic where a team of medical experts would focus their collective intelligence on the needs of the individual patient. For over forty years – from the 1880s through the early 1930s, 'Mayo Clinic' was being established in the minds of Americans as the leading provider of medical care.1 There was no marketing department and no advertising. The reputation grew from the clinical outcomes of hundreds of thousands of patients – patients who told their stories to friends and families – and from the news headlines telling of the Kings and Queens, presidents and senators who came to Mayo Clinic for care.