Media consumption and consumer purchasing

Connecting the dots ... finally

Don E. Schultz
Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University; and Agora, Inc., United States

Joseph J. Pilotta
BIGresearch, United States and The Ohio State University, United States

Martin P. Block
Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University and Block Research, United States


At the 2004 ESOMAR Worldwide Audience Measurement (WAM) conference, Schultz and Pilotta presented a new type of media planning model based on measures of audience media consumption rather than media and marketer message distribution (Schultz and Pilotta, 2004). Using the proprietary BIGresearch SIMM (Simultaneous Media Usage) database, they argued that in a fragmented media marketplace, in which consumers are increasingly multi-tasking with multiple media forms, how consumers come to or access media is more relevant for media planning than the current media distribution methodology. Their model was based on the amount of time individual consumers spend with each media form and the combinations of those media accessed by day-part.