Speed Read - Reclaiming our minds

Martin Bailie

Glue Isobar

Digital addiction and disruptive work environments are making us unable to think properly, claims Richard Watson in Future Minds. We must switch off our smartphones and spend more time in the bath

'Futurologist' and strategist Richard Watson discusses an unfashionable idea: that all this connectivity might not, in fact, be good for society or us. While such scepticism of technology's rapid changes is not new, the exhaustive support collected by Watson for this argument is sobering.


Permanent connectivity is changing the brain. In the process of developing a 'digital mind', children as young as five can spend an average of eight hours a day in front of a screen. This 'screen time' is affecting the malleable brain's structure. Connectivity Addiction is on the increase, and Continuous Partial Attention is a noted phenomenon.