Your Mobile Marketing Future Is Now

Thomas Wailgum and Edel Rodriguez

Brand marketers no longer need to be convinced of the power in the mobile marketing channel. As the buzz has been growing since the early 2000s, marketers have eagerly been anticipating the point when mobile advertising and the one-to-one connection that a mobile device enables become less hype and more reality. But there has always been one hurdle or another holding back advertisers, whether privacy and spam concerns, ROI uncertainty, a dearth of mobile marketing expertise or, perhaps the most critical of all, technology limitations on the devices and wireless networks. “People have been talking about mobile advertising forever,” says Greg Clayman, executive vice president of digital distribution and business development at MTV Networks (MTVN) in New York. “And then the next year came, and next year came, and next year came.” To mobile marketing experts like Clayman, however, the time has finally come.