Made in Holland, delivered by TNT Express

Client Company Name: TNT Express
Brand Name: TNT Express
Agency: KOEN
Category: B2B
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: €100,000 and over
Country: Netherlands


In the Netherlands the name TNT stands for postal services. That is the dominant perception in the Dutch marketplace, including SME target market, preceding the split of TNT Post and TNT Express per July 2011. The brand and proposition awareness for TNT Express are unsufficient, which makes the company vulnerable for the rebranding campaign by PostNL – "does TNT no longer exist?" – and the responding tactical campaigns by competitors like UPS and DHL. In this context and with a very small budget compared to the competition*, the brand and proposition awareness for TNT Express need to be enhanced and the sales volume needs to be retained. *DHL spent in € 2,1mio on radio, online and tv in the same period.