Rebranding with purpose

Eduardo Conrado

Marketing tools defined what Motorola Solutions stood for and translated these values into customer and employee experiences.

In 2011, Motorola Solutions (formerly Motorola Inc.) had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebrand itself after spinning off its consumer division as a separate company. Our products — communications solutions used by public safety agencies and businesses around the world — play a major role in people's daily lives. But few knew about this part of the company.

For 80-plus years, the Motorola brand has been known for innovation, and we wanted to build on that heritage while resetting the brand in a new direction. Fortunately, we were not starting with a blank slate.

Our work began as a campaign to be launched in the marketplace once the separation was complete. But we quickly saw that we needed something deeper: a purpose. Our employees wanted a clear definition of what our company would be going forward. A tagline or campaign wouldn't be enough.