Gatorade: G-Series Product Launch



What if Gatorade could fuel the needs of competitive athletes in every way, not just hydration?

That is the brand-shifting challenge we worked with Gatorade to develop that resulted in an impressive turnaround: from a decline of 15.5% to an increase of 10% in just two short years.

Our proprietary ethnographic research techniques led to the sharp insights that allowed us to break the conventional wisdom of the beverage category and shift Gatorade from a Sports-Drink Company to a Sports-Nutrition Company. By helping to re-focus Gatorade on serving the needs of competitive athletes, we created an opportunity that no other brand could execute.

We helped usher in tactics that would have been un-thinkable for the PepsiCo mega-brand even as recently as two years ago, prompting PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi to cite our collaboration with Gatorade as one of the organization's "best innovation projects."