Heineken goes mobile in emerging markets

Miguel Ramos
Confirmit, United Kingdom


The lack of market data in Africa is proving to be a major difficulty for many brands that are looking to the emerging markets for growth potential. While opportunities exist for companies to break out of the traditional Market Research shell, standard approaches which are effective in developed markets cannot be simply applied with a cookie cutter approach to the various regions within Africa and the Middle East.

Until recently, technology would have been identified as the barrier to adoption of new methods. That is no longer the case, as the penetration rates for wireless technology, and the supporting software solutions evolve at unprecedented rates to keep pace with rapidly increasing demands. In 2014, Confirmit estimates it will help researchers and brands collect more than 250 million surveys, with up to 25% of those or more being taken on a mobile device, and a major proportion of those coming from developing markets. If trends continue from the last few years, complementing this will be up to 25 million multimedia files such as photos, videos and audio notes – media which are being used increasingly to provide richness to traditional research initiatives.