McDonald's: McTollbooth

Agency: Leo Burnett Manila

Brand: McDonald's
Advertiser: McDonald's Philippines
Country: The Philippines


McDonald's regularly tracks the brand's health based on a monitoring study conducted by TNS Philippines. Particularly, it looks into the 'Most Favorite Informal Eating Out (IEO) brand' metric to assess the brand's top-of-mind awareness and popularity. As it reflects the consumers' sentiment towards the brand, McDonald's puts prime importance to this brand metric. However, in 2014, McDonald's rating for the 'Most Favorite IEO brand' suffered a double-digit decline

The objective of this campaign was to recover lost points and deliver at least a four-point improvement on the 'Most Favorite IEO brand' metric of McDonald's.

Source of data

"Most Favorite IEO" is one of the metrics tracked in a Brand Health Monitoring study commissioned by McDonald's to monitor trends in the IEO (Informal Eat Out) industry. This study covers males and females aged 15-55 years old, who have visited IEO in the past 4 weeks and a QSR in the past 6 months