Volkswagen UK: Top Gear Scirocco



Much of Volkswagen’s success to-date has been based on selling understated, reliable cars to the sort of people who like understated, reliable things. So far so good. However, there are plenty of people for whom understated and reliable are simply synonyms for dull and boring. These people typically cite ‘Styling’ and ‘Performance’ as the key drivers to purchase1. It's unfortunate then, that they should also cite ‘Styling’ and ‘Performance’ as the key reasons for rejecting Volkswagen.

We needed to give these people a reason to think differently about Volkswagen; give them something to talk about that not only helped to drive those Styling and Performance measures, but also made them feel differently about the brand at an emotional level. In short, we needed to make the Volkswagen brand feel sexier, flashier and more aspirational.