Development of an instrument to measure web site personality

Qimei Chen
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Shelly Rodgers
University of Missouri-Columbia


The growth of the Internet provides tremendous opportunities for online advertisers who want to establish an Internet presence. However, corporate websites are expensive and over 90 percent of all new websites fail primarily due to bad design (, 2006). Under- standing how website design and by extension, website personality, affects consumers' attitudes and relationship with the company will help to improve customer relationships and prevent website failure (Palmer and Griffith 1998).

Although website design characteristics have been identified (e.g., Ha and James 1998; McMillan 2002) and explored by a number of advertising and marketing scholars (e.g., Griffith and Chen 2004; Wells and Chen 2000), many of the features overlap or, in some cases, different characteristics are used to describe the same aspects of a website. Website characteristics help to determine how individuals perceive and process site content (Rodgers and Thorson 2000) and serve as determinants of website effectiveness and purchase intentions (Rodgers 2003).