Walkers: Asking consumers to 'Do us a flavour'


Walkers renewed flagging interest in new flavours by ripping up its brand development rule book and getting consumers deeply involved in product development.


  • Walkers decided to shake up the increasingly sluggish reception to new flavours by turning its traditional approach to new flavour development on its head.

  • Its new strategy of user-generated flavours was based on inviting consumers to come up with new flavour ideas and then get the nation to vote on the winner, bringing brand engagement to new levels.

  • To ensure widespread participation and debate the campaign ran across more consumer touchpoints than ever before.


Walkers is the UK's favourite crisps brand and Britain's largest crisp manufacturer, with 16 ranges of crisps and snacks including Walkers Sensations, Doritos and Quavers. It was bought by PepsiCo in 1989.