How To Find Out If Your Advertising Agency Really Understands Advertising:

Stop it doing any

Jeremy Bullmore
WPP Group

In one of his earlier books (I think The Use of Lateral Thinking, published in 1967), Edward de Bono proposed several nifty techniques designed to help us think more inventively.

He argued persuasively that, left to itself, the human mind instinctively follows existing patterns of thought, with the result that, far from arriving at an original destination, we reinvent what already exists.

He used the analogy of seawater finding its way back to the sea as the tide goes out. At first, the sand is flat, unmarked. Then the first, pioneering trickle of water cuts a winding path through the sand, round rocks and other obstacles. And so a channel is created, becoming ever deeper, and the rest of the returning sea follows its course obediently. Of that great expanse of virgin sand, only a fraction has been explored.