So You Bought Yourself a PPM Panel . . .

A Story of PPM in Belgium and the Surplus Value for VRT Radio

Sven Lardon
VRT, Vlaamse Radio en Televisieomroep, Belgium

Wouter Quartier
VRT, Vlaamse Radio en Televisieomroep, Belgium


PPM is the newest evolution in audience research. PPM is short for “Portable People Meter” and is a system that measures the amount of contact with an audio medium independent of location. The technology has been discussed several times at ARF/ESOMAR conferences, and for details we would like to refer to the previous ARF/ESOMAR paper (see Patchen and Kolossar, 2000; Patchen and Harris-kojtin, 2001; Patchen and Webb, 2002).

PPM is an electronic tool based on Arbitron's CBET technology that makes it possible to track the exposure of all audible media. Principally, there are four steps: