Meat & Livestock Australia: Avoiding the 7 year itch

Agency: BMF

Advertiser:Meat & Livestock Australia.

Author: Christina Aventi and Rob Chandler

Total Campaign Expenditure: $500 – $1 million

Strategic communications challenge

You can have too much of a good thing. Like eating the leftovers of your favourite meal, 4th night running, the Sam Kekovich led Lamb campaign, just wasn't as appetising, reheated for the 7th time.

Simply, in 2012, our Australia Day assault had a 7-year itch about it. Our story in previous years was about how earned media has delivered strong sales and affinity results. This free media was generated from being rant-y, spikey, controversial, delivering over 5 times the spend in earned media as seen below.

But how much more could we milk it?