Cargill RAMP: Right to the Bunk

Category: Agricultural, Industrial and Building Products
Brand/Client: Cargill RAMP
Primary Agency: Bailey Lauerman


Cargill developed an all-in-one starter feed for young cattle called RAMP. It was a major innovation in an industry where feeders historically created their own blends. Superior in nutrition, ease of use, and consistency vs. the old method, RAMP would have to overcome years of deeply engrained tradition. And if RAMP were to succeed, it had to do so where the business, and tradition, was most deeply seated – Texas, the cattle capital of the world.

Cargill's challenge was convincing feed yard managers and nutritionists to approach animal nutrition differently during the crucial period when young cattle were first introduced into the feed yard. Feed yard managers who agreed to buy RAMP for their yard were changing years of existing business practice. This was no small decision in the high stakes world of cattle raising where thousands of cattle, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, hinged on each feed yard manager's decision to trust Cargill's new product.