Agency: Feather Brooksbank Author: Gary Wise

Silentnight – My First Bed. A Media Strategy You can Trust

I'm going to explain the media strategy devised by Feather Brooksbank to launch Silentnight's My First Bed range. To do this, I won't be using any jargon or marketing clichés. Instead, I'll be explaining the impact of the campaign through the eyes of our core consumers, parents and children, and highlighting how trust was the key to our success. The My First Bed product was launched two years ago. This paper tells the story of its success from launch to present day.

My First Bed was a new direction for Silentnight. The core strength of the brand prior to the launch was among older purchasers who bought in to the brand attributes of comfort, support, relaxation and home. Silentnight recognised that younger consumers were beginning to favour more fashion-orientated purchases – particularly bedsteads – largely as a result of the interior-design boom with TV programmes like Property Ladder, DIY SOS and Changing Rooms. It decided that it would need to innovate in order to remain the leading player in the bed market.