Schweppes Solo

Christina Aventi and Alison Tilling


Planning's underbelly – how ‘can't’ set SOLO free during Football's World Cup

Planning can be stubborn. Some call it perseverance. Some call it annoying. Either way, it can take you places you never thought you'd go.

This is a warts n’ all account about turning can'ts into cans. There was so much SOLO couldn't say or do around the World Cup that we couldn't help but want to crack the code. We needed to instil confidence in the client that taking on a cluttered space would be worth it commercially – and that was going to need perseverance.

Planning (the function not an individual) played catalyst, bringing the project team together to push past the can'ts and think about what we could do. It was as much about framing the limits as it was about creating the right energy to challenge them.