Keeping mum: speaking to your consumer

Andrew Thomas

Parenting lifestyles have changed radically over the years, making it harder than ever to pin down mums as consumers. The solution? Talk to mums and ensure your brand makes their family life easier if you want their business.

These days there is no such thing as the average family. Twenty years ago the phrase '2.4 children' meant something, conjuring up traditional images of a home where dad worked and mum was at home, bringing up the children.

Now it is not so easy. Divorce, single parents, step-parenting, more working mums and the arrival of stay-at-home dads mean that describing a typical family in 21st-century Britain is impossible.

For brands, this presents a challenge. If so many different women – and men – are raising their families in a myriad of ways, how can brands identify the modern mum's needs and aspirations as a consumer? Marketing your brand is easy if you know what consumers want, but today's mums do not conform to any media image. In fact, they are confounding all the stereotypes.