The life stages of global marketing

Al Moffatt

It is young versus old. It's optimists compared to cynics. And it's even finding yourself at middle-aged crazy. The new world of global marketing and advertising has indeed become bi-polar. Or, as The Kinks once proclaimed, 'It's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.'

As members of the global marketing community, we tend to think that everyone is on MySpace, Facebook or YouTube. And, at the same time, we also forget that advertising is the most capitalistic activity there is – one that is inextricably linked to politics, history, economics, culture, migration patterns, demographics and social trends that vary by region. This all trickles down to how businesses operate, how consumers behave, how clients react, and how ad agencies function.

'Our clients want results, and don't want traditional advertising any more,' states Raphael Costa Neves, partner at Worldwide Partners agency The Group Communicaco in São Paulo, Brazil. Now compare this to what is going on in affluent Saudi Arabia. According to Imran Jaffrey, strategy planner at Focus Advertising/Worldwide Partners, Inc., in Jeddah, 'Agencies are facing problems identifying, utilising and monitoring new media vehicles; this has pushed clients to remain loyal toward traditional channels.'