Hot in Cleveland Campaign

Category: Media Idea
Brand/Client: Hot in Cleveland / TV Land
Primary Agency: TV Land


TV Land is a cable network based primarily on acquired situation comedies. Our target demo is A25-54 with a focus on A40-54 and W25-54. We offer advertisers steady, reliable ratings and an appealing, upbeat and positive environment. Our average ratings were modest. (Source: The Nielsen Company, 2010 A25-54 MC Cvg Rtg). We were a brand known for reruns and a retro look and feel, despite our efforts to push the brand into a more contemporary direction. Then we began planning to launch – in the Summer of 2010 – a new original sitcom: Hot in Cleveland. This was the first step in a long-term business goal to shift from aging acquisitions to all-new original programming.

Here we were: a small network with a small audience launching a BIG new show that needed to attract a BIG audience to be successful. Bigger budget shows need bigger ratings to be profitable. Our marketing needed to bring in a lot of NEW viewers for this to work. Specifically we wanted younger, vibrant, life-to-fullest, female viewers. This presented another challenge: New viewers might mistake the show for just another rerun, might not know where TV Land is on the dial, or worse, not even know what TV Land was. Our success would hinge on reaching these potential viewers, informing them about the show and cast, and getting them to TV Land for a big launch. And we needed to do it with a national media budget of a little over 5 million dollars. Just because we wanted to look like a big player didn't mean we had the deep pockets of one.