Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism: How BIG thinking got Aussies back to Christchurch

Agency: Iris Sydney

Advertiser: Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism

Author: Dan Pankraz

Total Campaign Expenditure: $500 – $1 million

Strategic communications challenge

On February 22 2011, Christchurch (ChCh) changed forever. A massive 6.3 earthquake tore the city apart, killing 185 people and injuring thousands. It was the second deadliest1natural disaster that New Zealand had ever experienced. ChCh was classed a disaster zone. The total cost to insurers of rebuilding the city has been estimated at NZ$40 billion2, making it by far New Zealand's costliest natural disaster.Not exactly the top place that people would choose to go on holiday.

The Situation: A 32%3 decrease in Aussie holiday arrivals into Christchurch resulting in a 25%4 drop in airline capacity.