Media alignment

Tim Gibbon

Effective integrated marketing requires that offline and online channels are perfectly aligned as evidenced by Match. com's use of television, public relations, social media and online video

It's never been so important to understand the benefits of aligning above, below and through-the-line activity. It sounds obvious to say that different channels should be bought together so that they work seamlessly, but is it as straightforward as it seems?

Marketers can often lose sight of this, focusing almost exclusively on their digital assets (particularly social media channels), not bringing them into use properly, or not including them at all. They also need to be aware of how the content they create is experienced and from where it resides.

With brands wrestling with digital platforms and the all-too-familiar (and inaccurate) use of the term ‘the marketing mix’, brands need to know what advertising, marketing, media and PR channels are available to them. They also need to decide if, when and how they should be used collaboratively, or on an individual basis.