How Unilever co-created a new variant of Axe/Lynx with young consumers

James Aitchison
WARC Online

Sometime in 2010, a new fragrance of Axe/Lynx will be appearing on the shelves. This is not particularly remarkable. Continual innovation is a prerequisite for success in the youth market and the brand launches a fresh variant most years.  

What is remarkable is that the identity of this latest addition was for the most part created by a group of young people over a Unilever-funded long weekend in the Spanish coastal resort of Alicante. That's far removed, in more ways than one, from the company's Port Sunlight innovation HQ in Wirral, North West England.

Just a little closer is London's Saddler's Wells theatre, which was recently home to a Market Research Society conference on youth research. And it was here that Unilever and its research agency, Face, shared their latest initiatives to understand and connect with younger consumers.