Agency: WCRS Author: Mark Thompson

Radio Rentals and white goods – a marriage made in Heaven


Radio Rentals is the largest player in the UK rental market. Yet, despite this stature, it became clear in the late 1980s that there was little room for significant growth in its core sector of televisions and video cassette recorders – a fall in real prices, vastly improved reliability and the non-existence of any major new technology meant that the motives for renting a TV or VCR were gradually being eroded. Introducing the facility to rent white goods (washing machines, washer dryers, tumble dryers and dishwashers) at Radio Rentals in 1989 was seen as a major opportunity to stem this long-term decline.

From their initial introduction in 1989, the 'white goods rental' story received significant advertising support, amounting to over 3 million from 1989–92 with a corresponding growth in rental levels. The case presented demonstrates how a change in campaign (from October 1992 onwards) and a commitment to an increased advertising budget was more than amply rewarded. New rental installations of white goods in the October 1992–September 1993 period were more than the previous two years combined and the incremental income generated was at least three times the enlarged advertising budget. The focus of the campaign was the 'Newlyweds' TV commercial which featured comedian Brian Conley.