The success story of amelia. A new magazine in the competitive women's sector

Naomi Seid
Bonniers Veckotidningar AB, Sweden


The company behind amelia is Bonniers Veckotidningar AB, which is a part of Bonnier Media. Bonniers is a family company which was founded in 1804 by Gerard Bonnier. In that year he opened a book store. The family-owned company continued to grow and in 1859 one of Gerard's sons started the newspaper, Gteborgs-Posten. Today, the company is run by the sixth generation of Bonniers. The Bonnier Group is one of Europe's ten largest media companies. In the Nordic countries Bonniers is the largest and had a turnover of SEK 10 billion in 1996.

Beginning in 1997, the Bonnier group was divided into two areas of operation: Bonnier Business Information, which is aimed toward the corporate market, and Bonnier Media (see Figure 1).