Oasys Mobile: Pherotones

Category: Retail
Agency: McKinney
Client: Oasys Mobile


Here's what teenagers have to say about ringtones:

“They're pricey. It costs $2.50 for one ringtone and the quality often isn't good. I can download a song for $.99 - it's full length and sounds great.”

“Ads say 'Free Ringtones' then they sometimes show up on your bill, which is a huge hassle to get off and explain to your parents.”

Welcome to the ringtone industry: a category laden with price-value discrepancies, quality concerns, dysfunctional purchase channels and consumers who show a general distrust for the companies involved. So when young people do buy ringtones, it's typically from their carriers (Verizon, Cingular, T-Mobile, etc.) because carriers are “less bad.” Getting them to buy from non-carriers is an uphill battle.