‘Mad Men’: explosive new revelations!

Jeremy Bullmore

In a Market Leader exclusive, Jeremy Bullmore reveals what it was like for a young man going to a New York agency in the late 1950s

I've always enjoyed patronising younger people, but for a decade or two, younger people and I got rather out of touch. There was little about me to interest them. I wasn't bitter about it and I certainly wasn't going to demean myself by forcing myself upon them. Then came Mad Men.

This is what Jerry Della Femina has written about the first episodes of Mad Men: ‘Audiences were shocked by all the sex and alcohol and outrageous behaviour on screen. But let me tell you, the reality was so much worse.'

No wonder younger people suddenly wanted to buy me drinks. They knew I must have been around at the time and they knew I must have spent some of that time in New York. If the reality had been so much worse than the excesses depicted, then I must at the very least have witnessed it – and maybe even (how shall I put this?) participated.