Solay – Take a small step

Category: FMCG
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Advertiser: Griffin's Food Ltd


Eta was facing a revitalised competitor in Bluebird. Now facing the might of new owner Frito-Lay on an aggressive investment drive, they had to act to secure new sources of revenue in the snack market.

A space in the market was uncovered, and to answer it, Eta developed a world first: a chip range with no MSG, the so-called critical ingredient.

This new product needed a new brand. But this couldn't be limited to a 'second choice' diet offering, it needed to command a price premium in the market and carry all the emotional value expected of a premium brand. Convention said you could walk this line.

As the first major launch since Uppercuts in 2004, Eta had big ambitions for Solay, and set considerable targets. We set out to take ownership of this new space, cement our position and drive new value into the snacks market.