Canon – Shoot Like A Pro

Category: Consumer Electronics
Client: Canon USA
Primary Agency: Grey New York


In an era of technology commoditization, brand proliferation and aggressive competitive pricing, the Canon Digital Rebel needed to carve out a leadership (unit and dollar share) position while accepting the reality of a significantly premium price.

Commoditization, Brand Proliferation

Over the four years since the launch of the first consumer-oriented (under $1000) Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera was introduced, the category has exploded. Driven by consumer demand and an eye on profit, the technology to produce a DSLR has become commoditized. This led to both product and brand proliferation and the launch of DSLRs from the giant, deep-pocketed consumer electronic companies like Sony, Samsung and Panasonic, who gained immediate distribution in channels once dominated by traditional camera companies. The results are lots of choices in brands, models and price.