Talk Talk: Multicultural marketing campaign

Principal author: Saad Saraf, Mediareach Advertising
Contributing author: Sanjay Shan, Mediareach Advertising


In 2011, we were invited by TalkTalk to pitch for their Global Minutes Boost (GMB) campaign aimed at the UK's South Asian communities. GMB's multicultural marketing mix meant that it was the first time the brand had undertaken to launch a bespoke ethnic campaign strand that was separate from its mainstream activities.

This paper demonstrates how we arrived at a winning strategy and increased GMB's sales conversions to 20% within a 16 week campaign window. The average mainstream inbound sales conversions for a similar DM activity were 17%.


Talk Talk were keen to reach a wider audience when they devised GMB, a product that enabled landline users to make international calls from the convenience of their home telephones. The boost offer was only valid when taken with an 'essentials' package of home phone & broadband.