Net Promoter Score: Loyalty is the big enchilada

Michael Lieberman
Multivariate Solutions
Dave Leonard
Focus On Service

Net Promoter Score results show that restaurants should encourage frequency of visit, rather than promoting special offers to casual diners.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a simple metric that captures 'How likely are you to recommend a product to a friend or family member?' Increasing NPS can improve visit frequency and sales at a retail outlet or restaurant exponentially.

Customers with a high NPS act as 'brand ambassadors'. They share the values of the company with their friends, who may in turn share it with further connections. However, just as word-of-mouth can be beneficial, it can also cause harm. Out of a score of 10, customers who give an NPS of 6 or below actually detract from the brand. These are the customers who spread stories of cold food, slow service or other shortcomings.