Saathi Bachpan Ke: The second mother's revolution!

Sujata Singh

Campaign details

Brand owner: ABT Associates
Agency: Maxus Global
Brand: Saathi Bachpan Ke
Country: India
Channels used: Branded content, Events and experiential, Games and competitions, Newspapers, Other and ambient media, Public relations, Radio, Television, Word of mouth and viral
Media budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Insight, strategy and the idea

Diarrhoea deaths, a major killer of children up to five years of age in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, could be almost halved if already available interventions such as administering oral rehydration therapy (ORS), handwashing with soap, and improved household water treatment were widely adopted by the caregivers (mothers).

Unlike the much-hyped, state-driven polio intervention that went to the doorstep, diarrhoea management required long-term change in people's behaviour. Behaviour change requires persuasion and constant reminders. Suspicious of any outside intervention, illiterate and conservative biological mothers would not listen to us. Once they have given birth to their babies, it is the elder children in such households that act as a second mother to their younger siblings. Thus it was they that became the drivers of change – our own little fleet of advocates. We used the 'hub and spoke' model of behaviour change, in which each 'star kid' became a hub and influenced his immediate affiliates (spokes), who would then, in turn, also act as a hub and multiply the message.

Market background and business objectives