Art Series Hotels: Overstay Checkout

Agency: Naked Communications

Advertiser: Art Series Hotels

Authors: Lach Hall, Dominic McCarthy & Adam Ferrier

Total Campaign Expenditure: Under $500K

Executive Summary

Art Series Hotels is a boutique luxury hotel chain. They needed a way to increase leisure traveller bookings during their recurring quieter summer periods.

Research revealed a major pain point of leisure travellers was the 11:00am checkout – Unchallenged (until now) in the world of hotels.

The "Overstay Checkout", a new-to-world checkout system based on hotel capacity was born. Guests would only have to check out when the next guest checked in.

Globally applauded as a genuine innovation in the hotel industry, the campaign was tremendously successful, creating value for the consumer and the hotel out of unsold inventory.

Strategic communications challenge